Responsibility for the future№ 1 June 2019

Safety first

“Our most important investment is in people themselves. The сompany values the contribution made by each and every employee to our common goals. We focus particularly on occupational health and safety. Our goal is to eradicate workplace accidents and injuries,” says Andrey Varichev, CEO, Management сompany Metalloinvest.

The сompany uses an occupational health and safety management system designed to maintain and increase the efficiency and safety of employees’ work in accordance with the relevant industry standards and regulations.

“At our mining, processing and metallurgical plants, specialists study the production processes carefully and identify sectors where additional technical solutions need to be implemented to improve occupational safety,” notes First Deputy CEO and COO, Management company Metalloinvest. “Alongside the modernisation of production processes, the programmes to improve production practices help us to achieve good results in health and safety.”

We implement all our investment projects according to strict environmental standards and are seeing a long-term trend of increasing focus on the environment. This is opening up new opportunities for Metalloinvest to consolidate its position on the market for high value-added products.

Nazim Efendiev

Deputy CEO, Sales Director, Management Company Metalloinvest

All Metalloinvest plants are certified under the OHSAS 18001:2007 assessment system for occupational health and safety management (Mikhailovsky GOK and Ural Steel operate within an integrated management system). A policy for occupational health and safety and environmental protection has been implemented and key occupational health and safety requirements have been adopted. A significant amount of information is regularly provided to improve the culture of workplace safety (see “A culture of safety”). In 2018, Metalloinvest’s enterprises were winners at the All-Russia Competition ‘Success and Safety 2017’, with the results announced as part of Russia’s Occupational Safety Week.

A culture of safety

In April 2019, events were held at all of the company’s facilities as part of a corporate Occupational Safety Week organised jointly with the World Steel Association, aimed at getting employees involved in forming a culture of workplace safety. This was done in a variety of ways:

  • a selfie competition called ‘Safety – lifehack’ was launched on social media: employees and their families posted selfies showing safe behaviour at work and at home.

  • work (posters or videos) produced by employees or their children were accepted for the creative competition ‘Work Safely’ on the following themes: ‘Safety begins with me’, ‘Safety is fashionable’ and ‘My parents and safety at work’.

  • representatives of personal protective equipment (PPE) supplier companies held quizzes on the rules for using PPE and ‘Tait’, the Mikhailovsky GOK subsidiary, organised a show of workplace clothing.

Betting on the environment

Today’s main trend in the global metals and mining industry is the environmentally-friendly production of quality raw materials with a maximum proportion of iron content and minimal impurities. Metalloinvest wholly follows this trend. “At Metalloinvest, metals and mining and environmental protection are intrinsically linked,” comments Nazim Efendiev, First Deputy CEO, Sales Director, Management company Metalloinvest. “We implement all our investment projects according to strict environmental standards and are seeing a long-term trend of increasing focus on the environment. This is opening up new opportunities for Metalloinvest to consolidate its position on the market for high value-added products.”

The company constantly seeks optimal technological solutions to help minimise human impact on the environment, and develops and improves production processes to meet the demands of environmental protection. The environmental management systems at all of Metalloinvest’s enterprises undergo annual audits in order to check their compliance with the following standard: ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental management systems. Requirements with guidance for use”.

HBI-3 Plant, Lebedinsky GOK

To maintain quality control over its impact on the environment, Metalloinvest conducts environmental monitoring, renews the material and technical resources of its own laboratories, purchases new equipment and invests in modernising production capacities.

For example, environmental protection measures have made an 85% reduction in the dust content of the air at Lebedinsky GOK possible. Back in 2017, Ural Steel launched an industrial waste burial site designed to operate for a period of 25 years. It was built using a modern design, technological and construction solutions and the latest anti-filtration materials with low filtration coefficients. In addition, over the last decade, Ural Steel has managed to cut atmospheric emissions by a third.

The introduction of a modernised waste gas purification system at the electric arc furnace shop at the OEMK has reduced the gross emissions fr om steel furnaces by more than half, the concentration of dust in waste gases by over a third and the dust level at steelworkers’ workplaces on average by half. Now, according to Nazim Efendiev, OEMK can offer customers steel that has been produced with a minimal impact on the environment throughout the processing chain.

Every year as part of the Climate Action international programme organised by the World Steel Association, the company collects, calculates and provides data about greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) from its production operations.

In 2018, all of the company’s enterprises reconfirmed their participation in the World Steel Association’s international Climate Action programme. Under this programme, every year Metalloinvest specialists take samples, make calculations and provide data on greenhouse gas emissions.

Since 2013, in partnership with Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), the world leader in lighting equipment, Metalloinvest has been implementing a comprehensive energy-saving programme focusing on improving safety in the workplace and making the cost of lighting more economical.

Last year, Signify modernised the lighting at three Metalloinvest plants: OEMK, Lebedinsky GOK and Mikhailovsky GOK. A total of over 5,000 lighting fixtures were replaced in 15 workshops across the three plants. This completed the second stage of the large-scale lighting modernisation programme, which resulted in an up to 10-fold increase in illumination intensity and a 73% cut in electricity consumption, depending on the sector. This is equivalent to saving 28 million kWh a year, comparable with the energy consumption of a small town.

Eric Benedetti, CEO, Signify (Russia and CIS): “Today, we are seeing a significant interest in lighting modernisation, specifically among industrial customers. This is primarily explained by the potential savings. On the scale of a major metals and mining or pipe industry enterprise, lighting accounts for 6 to 12% of all energy consumption, with the potential savings from modernisation amounting to an average of RUB 100-200 mn a year.”

According to Andrey Ugarov, the implementation of the comprehensive programme for increasing the efficiency of lighting at Metalloinvest’s plants promotes greater production safety, which is Metalloinvest’s ultimate priority.

Concern for people

Metalloinvest’s philosophy is to contribute to the development of the Russian economy and to the sustainable development of the regions in which it operates. The company sets the following priorities for social investment and charitable work where it operates:

  • Development of education

  • Improved healthcare

  • Support for art and culture

  • Support for sport and a healthy lifestyle, including adult and children’s sports

  • Development of entrepreneurship

  • Development of social infrastructure (in conjunction with the administrations of towns and regions, projects for rebuilding roads and landscaping areas around buildings, schools, kindergartens, sports and cultural institutions, parks, public leisure areas, etc.)

Thanks to Metalloinvest’s systematic work, the company contributes to the development of the region’s human capital, which is the foundation of any business. The company creates all the conditions needed for attracting and retaining the best employees in different towns.

Our most important investment is in people themselves. The company values the contribution made by each and every employee to our common goals. We focus particularly on occupational health and safety. Our goal is to eradicate workplace accidents and injuries.

Andrey Varichev

CEO, Management Company Metalloinvest


The company’s corporate social programmes are designed to promote reforms and the development of individual areas or aspects of public life. This in turn helps to bring about positive change in the overall social environment or in specific areas:

  • Let’s Do It Together!

  • Healthy Child

  • Women’s Health

  • Programme to Help Seriously Ill Children

  • Our Future

  • Our Champions

  • ‘Zhelezno!’, the educational and career guidance centre

  • ‘Respond!’, the corporate volunteering programme

Corporate programmes promote open dialogue with residents and collaboration between various structures, and assist in lifting administrative barriers, enabling the resources, specialists and the different sectors to be united effectively.


Results of the ‘Respond!’ corporate volunteering programme

  • Programme launched at Lebedinsky GOK and OEMK

  • 140 employees involved

  • 10 volunteer campaigns conducted: assistance to socially vulnerable members of society, homeless animals, resolving environmental problems, training of young people, etc.

Implementation principles:

  • partnership: the company is creating mechanisms for involving as many stakeholders as possible, including local organisations, authorities and company employees, and developing partnership relations between them;

  • sustainability: the company encourages stakeholders to develop their competencies and subsequently continue implementing the programmes independently;

  • innovation: the company involves NGOs, advanced scientific research institutes, charitable organisations and the expert community to achieve social aims using innovative technologies and methods.

Corporate volunteering is part of the strategy for sustainable development and forming a corporate culture.

The company particularly focuses on collaboration with its stakeholders and it has created various communications tools and channels to facilitate this.

Stakeholders are involved in order to develop universal approaches to resolving social, economic and environmental problems in the areas in which Metalloinvest has operations. As a rule, this is a broad group of people: government and municipal officials, representatives of the expert community, non-commercial organisations, educational and medical institutions, active members of society, etc.

Feedback from stakeholders helps to improve both production processes and our social projects and programmes.

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